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The London Orchid Society
London, Ontario - Canada

2020 Advance Ticket Sales Locations - NW

Ailsa Craig Home Hardware
149 Ailsa Craig Main Street
Ailsa Craig, Ontario
N0M 1A0
Phone: 519-293-3202
Flower's Story
685 Richmond St. Unit #102
London, Ontario
N6A 5M1
Phone: 519-601-4477
Floral Temptations
13236 Ilderton Road
Ilderton, Ontario
N0M 2A0
Phone: 519-666-3032
Forest of Flowers
760 Hyde Park Rd, Unit 3A
(Hyde Park and Oxford)
London, Ontario
N6H 5W9
Phone: 519-473-8940
Forest of Flowers
Sunningdale Village
609 Fanshawe Park Rd West (at Wonderland)
London, Ontario
N6G 5B3
Phone: 519-471-5252
Forest of Flowers
551 Oxford St West, Unit 105 (at Wonderland)
London, Ontario
N6h 0H9
Phone: 519-474-9555
Forest of Flowers
360 Caradoc St. N
Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 2P6
Phone: 519-246-1223

Gammage Flowers Inc.
1274 Commissioners Rd. W.
London, Ontario
N6K 1E1
Phone: 519-438-4114  
Nielsen's Flowers & The Country Goose
27 Front Street W.
Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 1X5
Phone: 519-245-5434
Toll free: 1-800-577-5486
Parkway Gardens
1473 Gainsborough Road
London, Ontario
N6H 5L2
Phone: 519-657-7360

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