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Enter values in the fields below to control the type of information returned. All entries use the full name (e.g. Brassolaeliocattleya - not Blc. or Memoria - not Mem.). An entry of "bob" will return any plant name with "bob" in the name (e.g. Bob Betts, Bobby, etc.). Multiple words entered must be adjacent in the plant name (e.g. "zuma aussie" or "aussie" or "aussie delight" will all return Phalaenopsis Zuma Aussie Delight, but "zuma delight" will not find that plant). To find a specific clone of a plant (e.g. Sc. Calypso 'Crestwood') type the plant name followed by the clone name using two single quotes before and after the clone name (not a double quote). (e.g. calypso ''crestwood'')
  • The list of 6,862 picture sources may be found in the Sources List.
  • The list of 344 picture sources for the additional 25,721 references added with the last update may be found in the New Sources List.
  • The list of picture sources to be added with the next planned update may be found in the Next Planned Update Sources List which will have document names added as they are completed or planned to be included in the next update.
  • The list of 1,455 picture sources that were searched but in which no pictures were found may be found in the Empty Sources List.
  • The current number of picture references in the database = 341,629.

Enter all or part of the plant name (e.g. bob or cattleya bob or bob betts for Cattleya Bob Betts)

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