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November meeting - Details

Drew Goddard from the Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Garden will be talking to us about
species Phals., “Why Phals. don’t come from Walmart”.
He will have plants for sale and several weeks before he is coming,
he will give us a list of available plants for preorder.
His website is
A list of plants that can be pre-ordered is at Plant pre-orders
Here is a brief bio about Drew:
“While researching what plants would fill up my vivariums for my other hobby, Dart frogs,
I stumbled upon the Orchidaceae family. I’m not sure why I never grew them prior as I had grown
everything from tulips to bonsai but the seed was planted, that was 12 years ago.
Now a member of several orchid societies, Past-President for the OSRBG, the orchid obsession is complete.
I gradually dragged my wife Jacquie into the hobby and now it’s a full on family affair.
Over the last few years we have been flasking up a storm with an emphasis on Phal species and primary hybrids.
Our personal collection comprise mostly of Nodosa crosses and over 400 blooming sized Phal species.”
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